Accountancy Support

We provide accountancy support for both the provision of management account information and the preparation of the year-end financial statements:

Management Accounts

Timely, relevant and reliable financial information is crucial while running any organisation, and especially so for many charities. JS2 provides a specialist team with a wealth of knowledge that spans every facet of charity accounts. This allows us to deliver accurate information in a digestible manner, which gives our clients the confidence to use their accounts to their fullest extent.

By maintaining a personal relationship, while providing the technical knowledge and stability that our clients need, we are equipped to create bespoke management accounting solutions to fit each client’s individual needs. From bookkeeping in our state of the art processing centre through to the higher level expertise of our qualified accountants, we are able to tailor our approach, with experts in each area of the process.

Alongside the preparation of the management accounts, we also offer regular on-site visits with the senior management team, where we can discuss what the numbers actually mean, and are able to develop management reports which are both useful, and relevant.

Statutory Accounts

JS2 have extensive experience with the preparation of SORP-compliant statutory accounts for audit, and we keep up to date with the constantly changing accounting and reporting requirements for charities. We also work closely with auditors so that they have the information they need to complete their work efficiently, which minimises the cost and disruption to our clients.

We believe that by preparing the statutory accounts alongside our clients (rather than the auditors performing this role) a true segregation of duties can be achieved. This is best practice, and allows for a fully independent audit. Our approach enables the client to be more involved in the presentation of the accounts, which ensures that they reflect the client’s activities in the best light.